Thursday, 1 December 2011

Dude.. what did you just do?!-Memoir of a sister..

//This is my.. yeah.. one of my 'first's :) Thought I should write about something/someone who's made me who I am now.It might be a little amateurish but I'm open to any comments and suggestions that can help me improve.//

When you're a kid,you're guided by your parents;they teach you what to do and what not to.. they insist on things that they think as right and you grow thinking they are right.

Soon,you see a few people,you see the 'kinds' of people.. your rationale develops;you create your own set of rules-rules of your life, which sometimes contradict to what you'd been believing all these years.You make some mistakes;some incidents,some people,they affect you;they have an impact on the way you judge a thing to be right or otherwise.

It all depends on the complex reflex of your brain and the way it metamorphoses over the years.
And because of this, you dont always nod to someone for all that they say.Maybe as a kid you did nod to your parents;maybe as a obedient student you nodded to your teacher(especially if its someone like my math teacher,its always the best thing to nod :p)

There are people who do follow someone blindly(a 'true' follower of a politician,a crazy lad/lady in so called 'love'),some just do it as a kind of  'hero worshiping'(Me:Mike Shinoda..he he :) ) ;some do it as a teenager,some do it all their life(Rajini fans probably :) ).Some respect people yet dont get carried away by it; they respect and still can hold up to their set of rules-and this last thing is what people usually try to develop in them.

I am no exception.

I know that its not all that easy a task to etch it as a character in me but at least I try to look at things with a clear head,correlate it with my "code of conduct" and choose a side(though it might not be the right one always).
// X men fans will notice the movie's impact on me in this line :p

But there is this one guy on Earth(as of now) against whom I am not able to do anything because every time he says something,it makes perfect sense to me;There have been very less moments when it doesn't.He basically has a very big impact on me,on my life,my character,on everything..I dont voluntarily agree to admit to his words (or follow his words because he's my......)but somehow he always achieves in convincing me.

He often shares his experiences and thoughts with me, and since they resemble incidents of my life I lend my ears wholly to it.Moreover,since we share a biological history(!),I often feel like he's just speaking out my mind and thus in no way,anything that he says escapes my interest.

Yeah, I said that mind metamorphoses;but when I actually see it in people I just say either "Ah.. X's gone crazy" or "How unstable are his/her thoughts..A sign of immaturity" and pity them because either their initial mindset would have appeared absurd to me or  their new born mindset would.

The funny and the puzzling thing is, this guy/person/mentor, every time I see him he has different thoughts in his mind;sometimes what he thinks would completely contradict his thoughts the time I met him last.But still..still.. he'll be able to convince me that his thoughts are logical just the way he did last time for a completely opposite thought!

Once he said.."I think whatever's happening to us is because of our karma.. What you sow,so shall you reap..". He quoted a lot of examples and it made perfect sense to me. The next time, I told him.."Could be because of my karma" and he startled me saying "I think karma is a stupid concept.." And he made me agree on that with my mind!! Dude.. what did you just do?!

Not just this, he once hated Steve Jobs saying "The guy knows nothing.. No tech knowledge at all.." and was comparing Jobs with other leading entrepreneurs and finally gained a nod from me.Now his blog echoes Jobs praise (not just because he's dead)and he even has recommended me to read Jobs' biography! He says "The guy has no tech knowledge.. and that's what is special about him".Worst part,yeah,I agree to it.

I often think that his mind swings are probably due to his bad memory,you know,he probably has forgotten what he believed in and hence he just adapts to a different mindset :p But that's not the case.

I do not know if this is happening because I am so immature that I agree to his varied thoughts without much objection;I do not know if I'll begin to think different from him anytime in the future;I do not know if he'll ever stop changing his mind !:p

But all that I know is that he'll continue to inspire me.. inspire me to think on new lines,with new insight;He'll introduce me to many new stuff..just like he does always;He'll help me face the world better.

He'll always be a step ahead of me in maturity,but lend his hand to get me by his side;He never forces me into things but shows the truths for me to decide.

We might soon begin to contradict each others ideas but no one from the outside world will  be able to spot it-it'll be camouflaged in the special bond that we share.. share only with each other.

And every time I'm convinced with whatever he says,I'll have this stupid grin thinking "How's this guy able to do this every time?! Probably that's the fun in having a brother.." 

You've been there to guide me..

to motivate me to rise up when i fall..

to bring a smile and hide my tears..

You've taught me some of the major 

lessons of my life..

You made me realise having a big bro is a gift..

My bro.. My hero..

PS:1.Even this blog has some influences of my brother :) I've used 'Helvetica' for the content  which is supposedly the font that makes Apple products attractive.Source of info-obviously..... :)


  1. The best way to start ur first blog....
    This written piece will make people to remember their past, especially the bro-sis link u have talked about...
    and someone who reads ur blog will not accept that u r a first time writer....
    well written ma!!!!!
    Keep writing!!!

  2. Thank you Karthik P! Glad you like it!

  3. A really good piece rich in both content and vocabulary...and that too for a first timer...kudos to yu!it is indeed a rare bond that yu share with your bro in this world wher most ppl realise their love too late nd spend their lives not realising each other's value... looking forward to your future blogs...

    p.s:yu made me feel real jealous abt being a single child!

  4. thank you so much dhivya! n I made you go jealous? !he he :)

  5. haven't you brother read it yet......... actually he is lucky to have a younger sister like you who adores him hero..... i envy your brother:)