Monday, 12 December 2011


I got into a casual chat with the man who made me start writing blogs (or is trying so hard to make me do it :p) I asked him why he began to write in the first hand;and his reply kinda made me ponder on things. He said,"I wanted to be famous among my peer,in my college; and thought that this was the shortest way".

So far in life I've been gifted enough to see quite a variety of people around me-people who see fame as their new found freedom and stumble in handling it;people who 'feed' on the attention(like a friend of mine quotes);people who crave for it;people who shun it before it gets to them and people who try to escape it after learning the lesson.

The whole idea about fame and being famous-its never been an easy thing for me. In the way that,I still don't  understand whether it is a good thing or not.. or whether it is really necessary;Take the recent demise of  Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie -I got to see a lot of posts on facebook that said that though the whole world mourned for the death of the Apple's CEO,not many even knew who the creator of the C language was.
Steve Jobs reached out to people;the world saw him at every product launch,and people were awestruck not just by the products(well the products were not exactly  yields of 'his' skills) but also by the way HE did it,the way he inspired the world(example,the very famous speech at Stanford).He was famous,true.But he was able to handle it pretty well.There were gossips about the Apple's products,not much about him.He almost managed to keep his personal life in the shades which I think is something to be appreciated(instead of either completely praising him or derogating him)

Dennis Ritchie was more of the 'suffer in silence' (:p) type,yet an immaculate genius.Not even his colleagues knew much about him.His product,a product of 'his' skill,the C language, is probably the core for most of the tech stuff that we use right now including Apple's products.Now,had Mr.Ritchie been in the limelight for sometime in his life,probably his work would have been appreciated a little more by the common man.
Again, what if Dennis didn't handle the attention properly? Maybe,he knew he wouldn't be able to and so he stayed where he was,letting his creation speak for him.

Maybe,a special set of talent goes hand in hand with fame -to attain the popularity and to maintain it at the correct level; the latter requiring more skills than the other. I admire the people who can handle everything that's happening around,that's related to them,with so much ease.They master the skill of maintaining that tiny gap between the public and the personal life;any controversy,any gossip about them,they can face it without letting it emotionally disturb them; they treat a third person as a third person, mom as mom, and a friend as one;they are not carried away easily.This skill  might be the invincible demon for most of the troubled celebrities-so demonic that they even take your lives (Princess Diana for example) If the demon is not slaughtered,you just get frightened of the spotlight and the world and the number of mouths in it that can talk anything.

I am someone who gets pleasure in going under the penname RJ just because the profession was on my passion list.But right now,when I am of the appropriate age to chase it,I sorta am stepping aside,not really sure if I'll be able to face the fame that might chase me.//If you're that kinda person who can be easily annoyed even by people asking your schedule,well then,hi five! ;)

All that I'm trying to say is,people who have interest in taking media or anything that can expose you to the whole world as your career-see if its your true passion or is it just for catching the attention of people-then ask yourself if you have that skill of maintaining that personal space for yourself-well,if you can,then I bow down to thee...

PS:1.I think this post  lacks a bit of cohesion.That's just a reflection of how this thing has put my mind into a terribly confused state :D 
2.The man.. Thank you! You know why :D


  1. well compared between two personalities....
    hope "the man" is very proud of you now!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much Karthik P! 'The man' is proud?! :)

  3. running behind fame might catch and savor it but never will you get the real satisfaction and should become famous for what you are...not that you become something just for sake of being famous

  4. True,the critics.But there are people who do things just for the popularity that it might give them.. not just some fictional guy like Gildroy Lockhart(Harry Pottery and the Chamber of Secrets :) ) but even in our world.. Thank you for your valuable comment :)

  5. wid ma phrase of start- 'a gud flo f words', I'd lyk 2 confess, rather than tell yuh:
    Again in dz wrk, I'd feel an interpretation of psychology wid philosophy...
    Which altho s not a healthy stuff, I lykd de way yuh made dz interpretation!
    hwevr, dz interpretation s 1ly an abstractness!
    I can't let yuh kno de exact way hw 2 plot de point f interpretation, as I'm no prophet(philosofikalie/ sprituallie), neither am I a trained psychologist! ;)

    1. Thank you Zestfulzeebee! I'm not able to exactly get your comment on where I should improve myself.. But will definitely strive for the better!

  6. There is nothing to worry unless, yu're not contemplatin so deep into, corelatin facts of philosophy n psychology!
    It needz a lotta yogic expertise to understand philosophy n psychology as one. (So sayz Gita).

    By "not healthy", I only meant dat it isn't healthy 4 yur mind. It's got nothin 2 affect da gudness of yur article, neither the content thereof!

    Literature welcomz everythn!
    By tellin yuh, "Don't get confused!", I don't by any chance mean, "Don't lead yer readers in2 confusion"!

    Amazin'ly, dez dayz, thotz dat lead 1 in2 doubts r more sold in da market, rather than doz dat unveil factz f certainty!

    Continuin wid dz, Yu'll b a top- sellin Indian author sumday!

    1. I dont exactly intend to,as you say,"correlate philosophy into psychology" or anything of the like :D Will definitely try editing my future blogs so that it doesn't lead to confusions.Thank you!

  7. Well, yuh don intend 2!
    Thtz gr8!
    As long as yuh don intend 2, I can say without any intentions, "Attempt 2 murder without an intention !?"