Saturday, 14 January 2012

Where are we headed to?!

I am a movie buff.. specially for Hollywood ones.The habit began during my high school holidays and let me tell you,its not entirely a good thing;you have no idea what impact their culture can make on the mind of an unstable 'just entered teenage'r.But yeah,you get to know a lot of things and you choose.And even now,I watch like 20 Hollywood movies to 1 Indian movie.I like them for the interesting story lines and witty dialogues-a rare trait in Indian movies,I think.

So,I kinda have grown up watching English movies and serials.And,I know how they portray India and Indians.Most movies refer to "the holy men of the Himalayas(funny how they pronounce it, him-a-lay-as :D )","karma","yoga".. (courtesy:"Eat pray love" and a lot other movies/books) and even the Big Bang theory has an Indian nerd in the trio! So,yeah,to the world.. or atleast to the Hollywood,India means two things-they refer to India for two things-spirituality and sciences.

Recently I got to see this Hindi movie 'Zindagi na milegi dobara'.Was alright.Wasn't great.. wasn't bad either.Probably was worth my 'once in a blue moon Hindi movie' thing.Proposal with ring,bachelor party, champagne,full fledged swearing....A lot of influence of the West.

Not just this one,but all the Hindi movies I watched recently(and that includes the above, 'Band  baaja baaraat' and a few others long-back-released ones like Dhoom 2),they had one thing in common;not just them but I think every Hindi movie now sports a liplock and a 'sleeping together' scene.I mean,"Is this what we're about?" .When India is so famous for the 'perfect living' all over the world,all that we can learn from the west is just these 'kids of lust'? Even for someone like me who has seen everything of this kind,seeing it in my homeland production feels weird.. feels disgusting.

The about-to-be-release "Ek Deewana Tha" trailer was a little shocking for me.Gautham V. Menon's movies always strike a chord with the youngsters and the Tamil version "Vinnaithaandi varuvaaya(VTV)" is considered to be a classic by the teens and the tweens because of the elegant romance.Seeing the 'kids of lust' in the Hindi version trailer just stripes the love away.But I should have seen it coming because I still remember the article on The Hindu,

"........“I asked the Censors how come characters in No One Killed Jessica are allowed to use four-letter words and we are not,” Gautham Menon recalls his negotiation during Nadunisi Naaygal . “They said, ‘It may be acceptable in the North but we are like this. We do not want to hear swear words.'” ......."

The article concludes saying,

"But the day it applies for censorship, we have to pray that our Censors decide that adults in this country are really old enough to watch a film with expletives and pornographic content."

But wait..even VTV was interrupted by the horns,right? hmm..  

Being one of the greatest producers of films in the world,Indians have always had movies as a part and parcel of their life.People look up to the movie stars:they follow them,they take them as their role models,they worship them.Movies have literally been a key factor in the evolution of our lifestyle.And now,with movies beginning to portray such trends,are we just gonna lose our uniqueness and idealism? Are we just gonna give up our cultural diversity and head towards this monotonous,cultureless lifestyle and find it "cool and hippy"?

Indian movies have made the world look up to them even by the time before these 'starred' words were born.Satyajit Ray proved to the world that we're good enough for a place in the world stage.So,why does the restriction on these stuff turn out to be the current directors' biggest concern? Why do directors say "These are necessary for the story to be effective"? I do agree that the films have to reflect the current lifestyle so that the audience can relate themselves with the characters but mostly it goes the other way round-life portrayed in movies becomes the lifestyle of its audience.

I'm a little ok with the tamil film industry though cause,for every 'trendy' movie they make,there's always another typical homeland production.. sometimes fortunately,a hit one.(but you have to bear with the not-tagged super hero stuff and the punch dialogues)

I am no film critic or a fortune teller.I don't know how things might change in the film industry-the culture,people's taste,things that might get added or removed in the 'Important features of a good movie'.But I just hope I'll have something to say in the future,just like my parents tell me,"A movie of our time that manages to enthrall me,even in 2012"...


  1. We have to catch up with the western world, but, need to understand as what r the things which needs change...India is known for its rich cultural heritage, but the culture is slowing fading away due to westernization...
    Do Indian movies need such a huge change???I would say "no", as movies are one of the sensation and inspiration for youngsters, who try to repeat wat their fav hero does....So, anything related to the obscene part also ll be repeated for sure.....Oh God, please help Indian movies:(

  2. Happy to see that i'd been able to relate to your thoughts through my writing (looking at the length of your comment :D) Thank you Karthik P :)

  3. actually its true...Hindi movies are spoiled to great extent and is spoiling YOUNGER GENERATION to a gr8 extent....but that's the way it is......but i wont say that only movies influencing in westernizing us....our process of westernization started with British colonization and since then we always look at the white skins chin up only.....we never have had pride in what we are thats why we try to be them and then often loose ourselves in it........................ well written it made me smile, think, relate and laugh .....keep writing:)

  4. yup.. even I think about other cultures like that of the Japanese and French who have a voice in the world with their true identity intact.. wondering why it isn't possible in our case... Thank you,the critics :)

  5. Firstly, Gud flow of words..
    I'd lyk 2 quote sumthn which I rmbr havin' read, perhaps in a chicken soup series, "Yuh can choose b/w wat 2 blieve or follow n wat not 2"
    Confusiuz sayz, "Beauty lies in de eyes f de observr"
    personally, Itz not 1ly beauty, but evrythn, lyk bad, gud, evn habits, rituals(if yu dare) dat r seen da way yu view...
    nevertheless, I'd objct da fact dat moviez've lead n r leadin us into ruin, a gr8 deala ruin vividly...

    I can't help sayin, 'da way yu r8 s enviably gud...'
    n yuh haf got wid an enviably gud flo f wordz...

    1. Thanks a lot ZestfulZeebee,for correlating a lot of things with the topic,and of course for the compliments!