Friday, 3 February 2012

சிந்தனைச் சிதறல்..


 //கடவுள் வெறும் கல்லாய் மாறும் தருணங்கள்..

 பிள்ளையாருக்குப்  பால் அபிஷேகம்

பசியில் வாடும் பச்சிளம்

கல்லில் கசிகிறது கண்ணீர்...


  1. short, but pinning on the point u trying to is generally diff. for ppl to make such things understand in few lines..u have given a try and its good to c that :)

    It is in the hands of the present generation to think and make things possible for all those who are fighting for their basic needs on a daily basis..
    Not sure, how many r there among us, who really gives a thought to change things, but, even if one out of a thousand person understands his responsibility, it is really good for the rest 999 persons...
    hope for the best..

    keep writing :)

    1. Even I never thought I'd be able to come up with a short poem,cause anything I pen down usually runs for pages :)

      And yes,even a single person's thoughts and determination CAN make a difference.. WILL make a difference..

      Thank you,Karthik!

    2. கடவுள் கல்லாய் மாறுவது இல்லை

      கல்லாகவே உருவகப்படுத்தி உருவாக்கப்படுகிறான்.

      கல்லாலான கடவுளை நம்புவதற்கு பதில்

      அறத்தையும் அன்பையும் நம்பினால்

      கடவுள் இருப்பானாயினும் இல்லாவிடினும்

      நமக்கு நன்மையே வந்து சேரும்

      எழுத்துகள் அருமை ........ தொடருங்கள் உங்கள் தமிழ் பயணத்தையும் ...........வாழ்த்துக்கள்

    3. 2 de first, I was so restless 2 find out which lang dz post'd bn mayd in, as itz nt supported by ma device!
      Nd thn, Sorry if it hurtz!
      (Coz I'm ill- mannered in commentin'!)

      All thru de history of Tamil literature, many r 1ly able 2 cum out wid sumthn dat's a replica, or a digitalization of sumthn antique!
      I'd c, Idaikkaadanar @ de very first lines...
      {ref: "Osai ulla kallai neer udaithu irandai seithume, vaasalil pathitha kallai mazhungave midhikkireer, poosaiyil vaittha kallil poovai neerum saatrureer, eesanukku ugantha kallu yentha kallu sollume?"}

      Itz 4 peopl 2 mayk up opportunities!
      As Bharathi says, "Chinnanchiru vayitrinukkai, naangal marigal iruppadhu pol, jananthorum pirar vasam thannil uzhalvathu illai"

      If I'd found sum 1 of dz century, who'd cum up wid sum Tamil verse, that's 1 uva kind, itz Kavikko Abdul Rahman...
      I'z so impressed wid hiz verse:
      "Vilakkappatta kanikkum, unna varpurutthum aravukkum anchi, eden ai vittu veliyerugirargal adamgal!"
      I read dz under "Yen viruppam", in hiz book, "Neyar viruppam", wid a subtitle, dat'd lemme guess, itz abt Indianz airliftin!

      BTW, Blinkin', Wid ref 2 da content, said in such a short verse, I guess of de Haiku kind, I really loved yur work!
      Yu r enviably a gud linguist!
      I envy!
      PS: OMG! The Book Of Matthew says, "Envy not thy neighbor"
      ZZB: "Obeisanzs Prophet Matthew, Blinkin Bharg is nop neighbor of myne!"

  2. Koviko's verse quoted up here, takes itz plaze in "Paalveedhi", under da title, "Pullikku Udhavaadhendru".
    Sorry 4 a raaang ref! :(