Thursday, 7 June 2012

Summer of ’12

This is more of a track of what I’m doing now... what I did this summer. Though I’m doing it for myself, (you know, will someday help me recollect how I whiled my time away) it might give you some ideas of what to do, in case you’re bored with nothing to do.

  • ·        Read Hercule Poirot’s Christmas: One of the famous works of Agatha Christie. Will be a good start if you’re new to Christie’s books. And make sure you learn how to pronounce “Poirot”, it’s French.

  • ·        Read Darkly Dreaming Dexter: The first book featuring Dexter-the book behind the famous serial about the serial killer. Read it especially if you’re a fan of the TV Dexter-you’ll realise the director of season 1 was a genius.

  • ·        Visit some place that’s famous, nearby and yet you’ve never been there.-will be better with family/friends. If it’s a temple, you’ll really be amazed to see how the “National Treasure” movies have made an impact on you.

  • ·        Read Hitchhiker’s guide to Galaxy: On the process

  • ·        Read The motorcycle diaries: On the process

  • ·        Help some NGO with their work: You’ll be amazed by the sense of responsibility you develop and the ways your skills are useful.

  • ·        Try some new game: If you own a playstation, wii, xbox, Nintendo ds, anything! Forget the world and game all night, it’s a great experience (once in a while, you should wake up with swollen eyes ;) and this will help you with that).

  • ·        Call up a friend: You might think it’s no big deal, but actually they’d been waiting for you to call. Helps you lighten up a little.

  • ·        Read the Harry Potter series: in case you haven’t yet.

  • ·        Clean something: It could be your cupboard, your keyboard, anything-even if it’s one per day.(It might even be the whole house in one day-when you have a relative visit you)

  • ·        Befriend a stranger: You might some friend of friend on facebook who might be a genius in a field that fascinates you. Not even necessary to talk to them (unless you have ideas of romanticizing, I’m not talking about that), it’ll be enough to follow their posts. Note: Change your privacy settings accordingly.

  • ·        Try some new, developing social media: There is a lot of this kind like pinterest, tumblr, google plus,linked-in etc. It’s relatively less crowded.

  • ·        Watch some movie: It could be the first movie of your favorite director, some classic, or something you've always wanted to watch.

  • ·        Start the things that you've left halfway: It could be a blog after 3 months or reading habit.

  • ·        Read A Thousand Splendid Suns: This was my first 'critically acclaimed' book-read.And what can I say,it was too good to be a fiction.

  • ·        Either you get into the unreserved compartment of a packed train or watch your relatives do it. The tension, emotions and the fear that fills the scene makes the trip totally memorable.(you might think that I'm being sadistic now,but trust me,it'll be memorable)

  • ·        Read a Dan Brown that you haven’t so far: Words of Caution: 1.Dont read more than 30 chapters a day. It’ll be tempting, but don’t! (Unless you want a night mare) 2. Try to avoid reading it after 11 pm. It’ll be a little too intense to read at that time.

  • ·        Read a lot of books at a time the way you open a lot of tabs and read half-half. (Look at the number of On the process above). And then realize the startling fact as of how your attention span has reduced. Then try working on it.

  • ·        Try talking to kids: Even though you’re not very good at it. You’ll see how intelligent they are that they shun you because you’re not studying in the best college in the country-yes, kids in class 3 know about the IITs, even the expansion.

  • ·        Try to comprehend the words of a rap song. (Want the professional level? Try Lil Wayne’s)

  • ·        Listen to the songs in your mp3 player that you've never had the patience to listen to, at least once-you might even like one.

  • ·        You wear spectacles? Good. Take a friend/sibling (whoever has a better sense of humor) when you go for your eye check-up. When you sit with your eyes closed after the eye drops, ask them to explain what’s going on around-it’ll be a hilarious experience. You might even end up scaring a kid off.

  • ·        Read your slam book: You’ll realize the words that bring a smile are those of your good friends.

  • ·        Live a day where you've had only 2 hours of sleep: Compensate for it the next day :p

  • ·        Listen to a rock song as soon as you wake up: Better, with the volume max.(I’m doing it every day actually) Best, if you’re not a big fan of metal.

  • ·        Dig your computer: It’s highly probable that you find some really fascinating software-Try ‘em all.

  • ·        Install and learn to use a sound editor software: 1.For the sake of a new ringtone 2.You’ll learn to make the chipmunks’ version of every song(Just change the pitch).It’s a lot of fun!

  • Spend a day listening more than talking: Not exactly with family or friends but with acquaintances. Now,I'm not being stereotypical,but you'll realize that if you talk to men,they'll appear to be 'very happy about themselves'(My best attempt to put it in a subtle way).Reminded me of Sheryl Sandberg saying if you ask a woman what's the reason behind her success,she'd say a lot of things like family, hard work etc.You ask the same thing to a man,he'd say "That's because I'm awesome".
  • Learn to take disappointments: You might have dreamed on something the whole time-only to find out that it's not gonna happen. It takes a load of compromises and patience to accept it.
  • Oh yeah, and finally: Learn to come out of your nasty sleep schedule,to accept the fact that you gotta get back to the routine,away from parents.
And importantly,convince yourself that even if you haven't done anything that's all that productive,you still enjoyed yourself and maybe that's all that matters!

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